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ORCA Tank Technology: Revenue-Boosting Revolution

Characterised by our continuous drive to excel and defiance of existing standards, we have developed a revolutionary tank technology that drastically increases your yearly shipping output.
Our independent, cylindrical tanks help you cut heating and cooling costs by 80%, and speed up the unloading, washing, and reloading cycle by up to 40%. This helps you make 40% more trips per year, which significantly boosts your revenues. And, since our tanks are easier to clean, it drastically reduces waste, as well as your ecological footprint.

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A chemical tanker outfitted with Orca Tanks utilises:

80% less heating fuel costs
60% less cleaning fuel costs
50% shorter cleaning time
40% more trips per year
35% less Duplex steel usage
No clingage of cargo residues

All this compared to an equivalent conventional tanker with integral tanks!