The early origins of
Koole Engineering

About us

The early origins of Koole Engineering can be found in a silo and tank engineering company, a company specialised in FEM calculations and the ship development department of a shipping company. The combination of the three knowledge fields have positioned KE as the leading specialist in the area of independent cylindrical tanks for ships.

The integration of the three specialties (expertise) came about from the desire of a shipping company to develop a sea going vegetable oil tanker with independent cylindrical tanks. The benefits of using independent cylindrical tanks was already proven on board various inland waterway tankers. The translation of the application of the cylindrical tanks on board an inland waterway vessel to a sea going vessel proved very challenging. After extensive research a revolutionary solution was developed which was patented. The technology is proven with two vessels now sailing the seas.

With extensive experience in both the ship design and tank construction and an awareness of the practical needs of an operator of ships, KE is able to translate the outline specifications of a ship owner into an efficient and operationally superior vessel.