Orca Tank technology

The Orca Tank Technology allows IMO I and II Chemical tankers to be fitted with lightweight, independent, insulated, cylindrical cargo tanks. The development of an independent tank for chemical tankers has been the holy grail for many chemical tanker owners. Up till now a chemical tanker with independent cargo tanks has been both technologically as well as economically unfeasible. With the Orca Tank Technology it is now possible to build a chemical tanker with independent cargo tanks for about the same costs, while having the same capacities as a conventional tanker. This brings the many advantages of an independent cargo tank within reach of the ship owner, while leaving behind the many disadvantages of the conventional parcel tanker.


With two ships already sailing with independent vertical cylindrical tanks we now have more than 25 years of experience with this concept. Recently two tanker designs (5.500 DWT and +30.000 DWT) have been awarded with an Approval In Principle from Bureau Veritas with no limitations on the cargoes to be carried. We are now able to show ship owners that the technology can be used on IMO 1 and IMO 2 chemical tankers.


Short summary of the benefits of the Orca Tank technology
versus standard parcel tanker.


Short summary of the Maritime Awards Gala.


The Orca Technology gives the ship owner the following advantages over conventional chemical tankers:

85% reduction in fuel costs for heating
50% reduction in fuel and water consumption for washing
75% reduction in washing time
100% segregation of all tanks allowing maximum stowage flexibility
No risk of contamination from tank tot tank
No clingage of cargo resulting in less cargo residues and a better care for the environment
35% reduction of Duplex steel usage and the possibility to reuse the tanks

The Orca Technology allows the ship owner to operate a chemical tanker at lower costs and with a higher revenue. For example a 6.000 DWT chemical tanker on a standard trade can expect improved results of over $ 500.000,- per year should it be fitted with Orca Technology tanks.

Basic workings of the Orca Technology

The Orca Technology allows the installation of lightweight, vertical cylindrical tanks by decoupling the tanks from the ships deformations. The cylindrical shape of the tank has an inherent strength for the carriage of fluid cargo, however it is unsuitable for ship induced deformations without heavy reinforcements in its structure. By decoupling the tank from the ship, the Orca Technology allows for a lightweight cylindrical tank to be used on board a ship without having any detrimental effects from the ships deformations.


Tanks with the Orca technology are characterized by the following features:


As the tanks are independent, they are fully segregated from all other cargo tanks, ballast tanks and the ships structure. Cross contamination can therefore no longer take place between the tanks. Any Orca Technology Tank can therefore be filled with reactive, heated and/or cooled cargo with no regard to the cargo characteristics in neighbouring tanks. This gives the ultimate freedom in stowage.


As the tanks are independent all tank boundaries can be fully insulated. This significantly reduces the heat loss, saving a lot of energy. The insulation also allows the inner tank wall to assume the same temperature as the cargo and cleaning water, which results in faster and better cleaning. The insulation also prevents cargo clingage on the tank walls. No clingage of cargo results in less cargo residues and a better care for the environment.


Due to the cylindrical shape, the tanks can be made very strong with very little material usage. Because the Orca Tank Technology decouples the tank from the ship deformations the material usage for the tank structure is further reduced allowing the cylindrical tank to be built lightweight.


The cylindrical shape is very beneficial for cleaning, because the tank no longer has any shadow regions.

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