Star Bonaire – Up for Repair

In 2015, the Star Bonaire was temporarily taken out of the water for long due maintenance.

The Star Bonaire was originally built in a time when float coating was still common. As this practice was banned, recoating the ship was no longer possible. As a result, worrisome levels of corrosion had developed within the Star Bonaire’s side and bottom ballast tanks. For the class society, this was enough reason to stop issuing certificates for the ship until appropriate action had been taken.

To minimise valuable time loss and subsequent costs, a quick solution was needed. But since the ballast tanks were an integral part of the ship’s construction, they couldn’t be handled separately without compromising the ship’s strength.

In cooperation with Damen Shiprepair Harlingen, Koole Engineering developed a full, phased methodology for returning the ship to sea as soon as possible.
By redesigning and preparing new parts of the ship separately, and overseeing the whole process of docking the ship and mounting the new parts, Koole Engineering was able to make the ship seaworthy again in the shortest time possible, while adhering to the new regulations.