Star Curacao: First Ship Building Project with Orca Tank Technology

The Star Curacao was a highly educational project for Koole Engineering, as it provided us with unique insights and invaluable experiences of all aspects of shipbuilding.
It was Koole Engineering’s first full assignment for a light chemical tanker with cylindrical storage tanks, intended for shipping edible oils. Shipowner Koole Terminals provided a design brief for dimensions, tonnage, and the shipping materials, amongst others. Our challenge: finding clever ways of maximising efficiency within the ship’s proposed limits.

Together with MARIN Wageningen, Koole Engineering optimised the design of Star Curacao’s hull shape, oversaw the development from scratch, and supervised construction. Finally, Koole Engineering lead a team of sub-contractors for finishing and outfitting work, turning the hull into a full-fledged, operational ship.

The Star Curacao’s tank technology is a refined, worked-out version of the tank and foundation technology used on the Star Bonaire. Whereas the Star Bonaire’s final tank technology design was restricted by its existing construction, the Orca tank technology used on the Star Curacao was optimised for its intended use.